Rats control - The Worst Rats Infestation Ever!


Rodent control is when we call when we have a rat infestation. Rodents usually thrive when there is food and water. Today we are going to see some of the worst rats infestations around the world. 


Dream House Ruined



Imagine yourself getting your new home, living your new dream house. Only to find out after you move in, you smell a strong stench coming from your next door neighbour. This happened in Lakewood, USA. You went and took a look and you saw your neighbour's house is filled with rats. Coming in and out from drainage pipes, the roof, the fences. And don't forget the atrocious smell coming from your neighbour's house. Well that happened to Kelly who lives next to a rat infested house neighbour. She tried many ways to contact the next door neighbour but there was no reply. What would you do if you are in her shoes? Would you have called the pest control or rats control?


Rats, Rats, Rats, Everywhere!    

Credit: Animal Planet Youtube


Back in 2010, Australia was hit by one of the worst rat plague ever. Millions of swarms of rats started swarming the farm. The stored grain supplies were being eaten up. Once the stored grain supplies ran out the rodent began attacking live stocks and began devouring one another. It sounds pretty scary but it actually happens. Causing millions of dollars worth of damages in infrastructure and livestock. This shocking situation would cause anyone a terrible headache and many sleepless nights.


Homes For The Rats


Imagine yourself living in an apartment that is filled to the brim with rubbish. Which has led to a huge rat infestation. The house was purchased by an investor. This happened in the United Kingdom. Where in the video, they will discover the extent of this problem. The neighbour had been terrorised by this issue as the rats from the apartment for decades, had rodents coming over to her apartment. She had tried every method possible like peppers to keep these pests away from her home. But the rats are fearless. In the video, we saw a mountain of garbage in the whole entire apartment. We saw the investor even having trouble opening the door. 


The previous owner was an hoarder. Which basically means that she always tends to keep things and not wanting to throw. In the video, we saw the huge hoarding issue which eventually led to an rat infestation. This is a rats haven that is filled with food and water supplies for them. They had called the pest control company or rats control to handle the situation but things worsened as the hoarding got worse. 


We saw the investors gearing up before they entered the apartment. Once they enter the apartment they have even trouble opening the front door. Being faced with a mountain of garbage in front of their face. The protection mask they were wearing wasn’t enough for the stench of smell from the rats droppings and old spoil foods around the apartment. Did you know that accumulation of rats droppings can spread bacteria, contaminate food sources and might trigger allergic reactions. Once the droppings are dried, it can be hazardous to those breathing in as the fumes can cause diseases and viruses.


Afterwards as they were discovering the kitchen, they saw huge rats roaming across from all directions scattering around their feet. Soon after, they could not handle the situations inside and proceed to leave the apartment.  


After seeing these 3 cases of worst Rats infestation, we can conclude some things. As long as there is access to food, water and a place for the rats to stay. There is always a chance for rats infestation. If you have a rat infestation, call your local rodent control immediately as it's best to solve your problems early, before things get any worse. If you are looking for DIY tips to get rid of rats, then check out this article here.  



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